On the nature of our relation to our Government… 

A Series of Fictitious Encounters Between John Quincy Adams & Sundry Family Members & Political Associates On the subjects of Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of A More Rational Relationship with Government By Aaron Posner.

What is the nature of our relationship to our Government? What do we really want from our national leaders? And how did this complicated American Experiment evolve and bring us to where we are now from where we began? Those are just some of the huge questions that led me in this theatrical exploration... JQA was a Power Play Commission from Arena Stage.
“Fictional history that resonates today. Over the past decade, Posner has emerged as a remarkably astute adapter… [JQA is] an engaging plea for active government and elementary civics.”
– The New York Times
The Heal

Arena Stage, Gamm Theatre, San Diego Repertory Theatre, Butterfly Effect Theatre, Stage West